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Life is hard... we want to help.

Endorsed by physicians and psychologists, and used by people from diverse walks and stages of life, Integrated Interventions are easy-to-learn body-based techniques that are supported by science and have stood the test of time.

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I walked into my first workshop in order to reduce stress. I didn't expect my whole life to change for the better. But, 10 years later I can tell you that's exactly what happened.

Ginny B.

Sales Manager


Maeve E.

College Student

I have struggled life long with social difficulties from being on the autism spectrum, anxiety caused by them, and social awkwardness caused by said anxiety. After years of seemingly interminable anxiety and mental/ emotional pain, these techniques have allowed me to think more clearly, act more deliberately, and have deep emotional clarity. They have helped me have fulfilling relationships by easing social anxiety and helped me be far more socially attentive and competent by giving me the room I needed to breathe.


The techniques taught are so timely for our busy stressful lives; simple yet powerful ways to relax, reduce stress and anxiety and bring joy and gratitude into our lives.  I do them every day!

Genevieve P., PhD.

Psychologist, Nurse Practitioner


As an executive in the technology space for the past 25 years, I had always struggled with stress, and my only way to manage it was by abusing alcohol for years. About 5 years into my sobriety, I took Dr. Gabriel’s classes, and it was life altering. It took my sobriety to the next level because I finally had the tools and techniques I needed to manage the crazy making life at a fortune 5 company. And because stress and constant change is everywhere in life, using these techniques has improved my relationship with my wife, my kids, and my friends. 


Fortune 5 Tech Executive


A year ago, I would never have believed I could have changed as much as I have today. The techniques taught in the Integrated Interventions workshop are simple and direct, and yet are so powerful, they have transformed the way I deal with stress and adversity. I can now manage difficult circumstances and people in a much more positive, functional, and successful way. 

Maureen W., PhD.

Retired Psychologist and Psychology Instructor

We look forward to helping you feel better too.

Our logo, HeartSmile, is also the name of one of our signature techniques that combines elements from western and eastern traditional and contemporary science and knowledge. Using HeartSmile nearly instantly and effortlessly elevates mood and perception in an objectively verifiable way. You will learn this technique in our first advanced class, The Paradigm Shift.

Why choose us

that combine Eastern and Western knowledge, tradition, and science in a uniquely harmonious way, derived from the experience of originator, Dr. Deborah Gabriel, who earned a PhD in clinical psychology, certification in many "energy psychologies", and then studied under the guidance of an Eastern spiritual teacher for over a decade.

We Offer Classes

Stress, pain, and fear are inevitable in any human life, but we can make those sensations as brief and productive as possible using techniques evolved from yogic breathing practices, acupuncture, and marma point therapy. Dr. Gabriel used her exploration of the wisdom in ancient yogic traditions, the healing modalities of the East, and contemporary bioenergetic practices, to design a carefully curated curriculum that seamlessly integrates them all Interventions are only useful if they can be easily incorporated, that is, integrated, into our daily lives Many people who sincerely want to feel better, and have a happier life, attend workshop after workshop, read book after book, watch countless YouTube videos, participate in therapy of various kinds, and still don’t experience the quality of life they would like to have, even though they may have left the workshop, or finished the books or other learning experiences full of hope and resolve. The simple truth is that if it isn’t easy to incorporate something new into already busy and frequently over-stressed lives, new learning is unlikely to take hold. To that end, the techniques and practices taught in the Integrated Interventions classes are very easy to learn, very simple to practice nearly anywhere, require no special skills or equipment, take very little time to perform, and have decades to millennia of both research and experiential evidence to demonstrate their effectiveness. For example, the benefits of meditation are now well documented throughout both Western and Eastern scientific medical journals. However, not everyone has the time or willingness to fit an hour of meditation into their daily lives and a complaint frequently heard from beginning meditators is that it is nearly impossible to quiet their busy minds. Our Simple Breath Meditation ®, unique to Integrated Interventions, makes it possible for even the individual accustomed to a very busy active mind to focus his or her attention and achieve a quiet harmony within. In addition to Simple Breath Meditation ®, techniques unique to Integrated Interventions include: HeartSmile ® Fountain of Breath Release ™ Three-Stage Eye Release Ujjayi Stress Release Ujjayi Memory Release In addition, several non-propriety ancient yogic breathing practices collectively known, in Sanskrit, as pranayamas are taught in our classes. Finally, a simple set of practical decision-making and communication skills rounds out a set of tools and techniques that can help you simplify and harmonize even the busiest most complex life.


To give you a risk-free chance to get to know us, we invite you to attend one of our always free-of-charge KLIIICs* to learn  two powerful stress-relieving techniques, including our organization’s own unique Simple Breath Meditation®

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Serving the Autism Spectrum and Neurodivergent Communities
ASD section

Today’s world can be a difficult place for anyone to navigate, and it presents additional challenges to the autistic and neurodivergent communities.

Our techniques have been spectacularly effective with this group…so successful, in fact, that certain autistic individuals, who’ve learned the full range of Integrated Intervention techniques, have become Integrated Interventions Process Leaders themselves, so that they can teach others the techniques that have helped them live happier, more successful lives.

Random P.

 IT Team Lead

KLIIIC Manager and Process Leader

Random P.

 IT Team Lead

KLIIIC Manager and Process Leader

Advanced Classes 

classes section

KLIIICs are always taught in a public format but may be attended remotely. Due to the nature of the techniques offered, advanced classes, for which KLIIIC is the prerequisite, must be attended in person.


If you wish to attend an Integrated Interventions Advanced Class, but do not live in the greater Seattle area, consider our CB&B (class, bed & breakfast) option, combining comfortable accommodations at the Kinder Life Center, with delicious vegetarian meals provided.

Level 1: The Paradigm Shift

In The Paradigm Shift class, you will be introduced to the ways in which energy, in the form of bio-electricity, works in your body, and participate in a brief but comprehensive explanation and demonstration of how and why nearly magical-seeming body-based technologies work. You will learn how dramatically and profoundly apparently small actions can impact your life, both for better and for worse. You will see undeniable demonstrations of the power of your own thoughts and feelings on your overall well-being and you will learn five very simple breath and body-based tools, three unique to Integrated Interventions, to immediately reduce stress and improve your quality of life.


One of these techniques, Ujjayi Memory Release (UMR)™, helps effectively and efficiently release the hurtful emotion of even long-held unpleasant memories.


We cannot stop unpleasant memories from entering our consciousness. Memories are triggered daily; the unpleasant ones often taking us by surprise. UMR™ gives you a concrete, body-based, highly effective, easy-to-use tool to deal with the discomfort of unpleasant memories as they arise.


 A complete UMR™ practice most commonly completely eradicates the unpleasant emotions associated with a given memory; often leaving with you an integrated understanding of the value you gained from the experience, however unpleasant the experience may have been at the time.

 Prerequisite: The free Kinder Life’s Integrated Interventions Introductory Class (KLIIIC)

Level 2: A Deeper Dive

In A Deeper Dive, techniques learned in The Paradigm Shift are reviewed and expanded upon. The introduction of four new techniques allow you to go deeper into processes that you began in Level 1. Two of these techniques, unique to Integrated Interventions, allow you to release deeper and longer held emotions and memories, particularly the emotions of anger, guilt, fear, and regret. Another two techniques, derived from Integrated Intervention’s Eastern roots are ancient yogic breathing practices that, respectively, deeply energize and deeply harmonize one’s mind and body.

 Prerequisite: Integrated Interventions Level 1


Integrated Forgiveness

In the Integrated Forgiveness class, you will learn what motivations cause one to hang on to unproductive hurt, regret, and anger. Next, you will learn the evidence-based impact that continuing to host these emotions has on your physical and emotional well-being. You will then learn very simple, body-based techniques to reliably release even long-held emotions associated with harmful past action taken by you or others.
All that you’ve learned in Integrated Interventions Levels 1 and 2 will be integrated into the new tool set from this class and you will learn how to seamlessly employ all of the previously-learned Integrated Interventions techniques into your daily life.

Prerequisites: Integrated Interventions Levels 1 and 2

Integrated Communication

Our daily interactions with others are the most common sources of both stress and joy in our lives. All of us communicate and perceive through the filters created by our own personal experiences.

In this class, you will learn and practice simple communication patterns and techniques to best ensure that your message and intention is clearly conveyed and understood, giving you the best chance of meeting your interactional goals. In addition, you will discover the motivations and filters that may distort your communication and perception, allowing you greater opportunity to perceive yourself and others accurately.

Finally, you will learn how to gracefully and effectively use tools learned in Level 1, during interactions with others, to minimize stressful emotions; allowing communication to proceed effectively so that discussions are productive conversations, rather than anger-filled arguments.

In this class, special attention and techniques are given for setting limits and boundaries, particularly the ability to say a clear, definite, “no”, free from guilt, anger, or regret.

Prerequisite: Integrated Interventions Level 1: The Paradigm Shift

The Kinder Life Class

The Kinder Life Class includes our deepest knowledge and tools. In this class, you will learn techniques that will allow you the opportunity to release even the deepest, longest-held experiences of anger, fear, guilt, and regret. Due to the nature of the techniques, this class includes a discussion of spirituality and religion.

Prerequisites: Integrated Interventions Levels 1, 2, and Integrated Forgiveness

Individual Instruction/Consultation is Available

Our customary small-group class setting makes the learning experience lively, validating, and, often, a great deal of fun. However, we understand that our scheduled class times may not meet everyone’s needs.  In addition, we know that people can sometimes


  • be uncomfortable learning in a group setting.

  • appreciate individualized attention to make certain they are using the techniques correctly.

  • not wish to discuss certain subjects in a group setting.



Therefore, individual instruction and consultation can be scheduled with Integrated Interventions originator,


Dr. Deborah Gabriel

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