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Upon meeting an individual, Deborah quickly assesses an their needs, teaches the relevant technique or techniques, and offers concise comprehensive guidance on how to best use those techniques to rapidly improve quality of life.  She does not necessarily follow listed class formats but, rather, teaches the individual whatever Integrated Interventions knowledge and techniques are most relevant and useful to the individual’s current challenges.  


The amount of time and cost for individual instruction and consultation is based, in part, on individual preference and need. Dr. Gabriel’s fee structure is based on a sliding scale with accommodations made for seniors, students, and others whose resources may not fit her standard fee structure listed below.


Individual Instruction/Consultation: 

  • 30 minutes: $130.00

  • 60 minutes: $255.00

  • 90 Minutes: $375.00

Individual Instruction/Consultations may be scheduled by phoning 206-552-0435.

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