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Deborah Gabriel, PhD, has dedicated her life to relieving the physical and emotional pain that often seems to be a pervasive and inescapable part of living.

Uncomfortable with the fact that certain healing modalities themselves, can cause injury and pain to an already troubled individual, Dr. Gabriel began a decades-long search to find methods of treating mind, body, and emotions that are fast, gentle, pain-free and, most of all, effective.

After completing a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Gabriel earned certification in several Energy Psychologies, including  Eye Motion Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR®), Thought Field Therapy® (TFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP™) and Healing From the Body Level Up (HBLU™).

Dr. Gabriel then turned her attention to the healing technologies of the East, travelling twice to India and spending more than 10 years studying under the guidance of a world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual teacher.

As a result, Dr. Gabriel synthesized healing technologies from both the East and West into easy-to-learn and easy-to-use daily practices. These techniques so visibly and dramatically improved the quality of her own life that, in 2010, in upstate New York, people began to ask her to teach the techniques she used to remain peaceful and functional in challenging circumstances.

During Dr. Gabriel’s tenure in New York, workshops, demonstrations, and retreats were held in private homes, yoga studios, churches, schools, business offices, hospitals, and many other facilities. During much of that time, Dr. Gabriel was also the Volunteer Coordinator for Compassionate Care, an organization providing care and assistance for terminally ill individuals.

In 2013, Dr. Gabriel was very pleased to be able to return to her beloved Pacific Northwest, where she refined the Integrated Interventions™ techniques and classes.  She looks forward to sharing them with you.

Deborah Gabriel, PhD


Integrated Interventions™

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