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Integrated Communication

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Our daily interactions with others are the most common sources of both stress and joy in our lives. All of us communicate and perceive through the filters created by our own personal experiences.

In this class, you will learn and practice simple communication patterns and techniques to best ensure that your message and intention is clearly conveyed and understood, giving you the best chance of meeting your interactional goals. In addition, you will discover the motivations and filters that may distort your communication and perception, allowing you greater opportunity to perceive yourself and others accurately.

Finally, you will learn how to gracefully and effectively use tools learned in Level 1, during interactions with others, to minimize stressful emotions; allowing communication to proceed effectively so that discussions are productive conversations, rather than anger-filled arguments.

In this class, special attention and techniques are given for setting limits and boundaries, particularly the ability to say a clear, definite, “no”, free from guilt, anger, or regret.

Prerequisite: Integrated Interventions Level 1: The Paradigm Shift

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