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A decade of experience has shown that people enjoy learning the Integrated Interventions™ techniques in a group setting.  The group setting allows everyone to learn from each others’ experience. Seeing the changes the techniques make in other people has a very validating effect on one’s own experience. This is particularly helpful when experiencing effects so fast, yet profound, that it can be difficult to wrap one’s head around the fact that “that actually happened.” Those last three words were excerpted from a pilot study participant’s feedback; specifically: “I can’t believe that actually happened”. The group setting makes the learning experience lively, validating, and, often, a great deal of fun.

However, we understand that our scheduled class times may not meet everyone’s needs.  In addition, we know that some are uncomfortable learning in a group setting, that some appreciate extra time to make certain they are using the techniques correctly, and that some may wish to discuss subjects they may not be comfortable disclosing in a group setting. Therefore, individual consultation with Dr. Gabriel is available. 

Dr. Gabriel also works with couples and triads within the same family unit, working colleagues, or friendship group, to facilitate conflict resolution and create more productive, happier relationships by appropriately applied usage of the Integrated Interventions techniques and communication skills and strategies.

For individual work with a single individual, the rates are as follows:

For Members​:

  • $95.00 per one-half hour

  • $185.00 per hour,

  • $245.00 per 90-minute session.  

"Members" have taken all four Integrated Interventions classes, and are members of the Kinder Life Community

​For Non-Members​:

  • $110.00 per one-half hour,

  • $225.00 per hour,

  • $295.00 per 90-minute session.  

"Non-Members" are not members of the Kinder Life Community

All couple and triad work is done in 90-minute segments.  Pricing is available upon request.

Private consultations may be scheduled by contacting Nancy at 1-408-893-8219.

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