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 KLIIIC is the acronym for Kinder Life’s* Introductory Integrated Interventions Class. In a KLIIIC you will learn an ancient yogic breathing technique called Nadi Shodinah, also known as Alternate Nostril Breathing, and our unique Simple Breath Meditation®, which combines the science-supported effective aspects of both traditional mantra meditation and mindfulness meditation. It is so easy to learn and use that even the most active minds become quickly able to achieve a sense of settled peace and harmony.

After attending a free KLIIIC you are invited to join us for free weekly follow-ups, either remotely or in person, to practice Nadi Shodinah and Meditation in a congenial group setting. In a KLIIIC, you will learn why meditation and breathing practices, done in a group setting, have a greater impact than the same practices done on one’s own.

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