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Why Take an Integrated Interventions Class?


The techniques taught are so timely for our busy stressful lives; simple yet powerful ways to relax, reduce stress and anxiety and bring joy and gratitude into our lives.  I do them every day!”


Genevieve P., PhD, Psychologist, Nurse Practitioner


A year ago, I would never have believed I could have changed as much as I have today. The techniques taught in the Integrated Interventions workshop are simple and direct, and yet are so powerful, they have transformed the way I deal with stress and adversity. I can now manage difficult circumstances and people in a much more positive, functional, and successful way. 

Maureen W., PhD. Retired Psychologist and Psychology Instructor


Everything I've learned has improved my life immeasurably. I interact with people more openly and effectively and I have tools to get me through any situation gracefully. My life is more peaceful and I couldn't be more grateful.

Random P., College Student

For Help With

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As a man in long term recovery and having worked the 12-step program for 19 years, Integrated Interventions has enhanced my recovery. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels a need to grow.

Darry L., Contractor

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Your Whole Life

I walked into my first workshop in order to reduce stress. Ten years later, my whole life is changed.

Ginny B., Sales Manager



The simplicity of the techniques allowed me to begin applying them right away... from handling tricky work situations to communicating openly and honestly with my family, all the while feeling grounded and stable.

Cameron S., Database Architect

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