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Why take an Integrated Interventions™ class?


Part of the answer lies within the name. Interventions are only useful if they can be easily incorporated, that is, integrated, into our daily lives.

 Many people who sincerely want to feel better, and have a happier life, attend workshop after workshop, read book after book, watch steady streams of YouTube videos, participate in therapy of various kinds, and still don’t experience the quality of life they would like to have, even though they may have left the workshop, or finished the books or other learning experiences full of hope and resolve.

The simple truth is that if it isn’t easy to incorporate something new into already busy and frequently over-stressed lives, new learning is unlikely to take hold. To that end, the techniques and practices taught in the Integrated Interventions ™ classes are very easy to learn, very simple to practice nearly anywhere, require no special skills or equipment, take very little time to perform, and have a decade or more of both research and experiential evidence to demonstrate their effectiveness.


Integrated Intervention™ techniques are derived from the most ancient and effective of Eastern breath and body practices, in combination with the most effective aspects of Western Energy Psychologies.

For example, the benefits of meditation are now well documented throughout both Western and Eastern scientific medical journals. However, not everyone has the time or willingness to fit an hour of meditation into their daily lives and a complaint frequently heard from beginning meditators is that it is nearly impossible to quiet their busy minds.  The Simple Breath Meditation®, technique unique to Integrated Interventions, makes it possible for even the individual accustomed to a very busy active mind to focus his or her attention and achieve a quiet harmony within.

Techniques unique to Integrated Interventions™ include:

  • Ujjayi Stress Release™

  • Ujjayi Memory Release™

  • Fountain of Breath Release™

  • Three-Stage Eye Release™ 

  • HeartSmile®

In addition, several non-propriety ancient yogic breathing practices collectively known, in Sanskrit, as pranayamas are taught in our classes.

Finally, a simple set of practical decision-making and communication skills rounds out a set of tools and techniques that can help you simplify and harmonize even the busiest most complex life.

Free-of-charge follow-ups are held every Tuesday, in Woodinville, from 7pm -8pm.  Details and location are given at the close of every Integrated Interventions™ class.

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