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The Kinder Life Foundation is a non-profit organization that, in service of our mission of promoting personal and global peace, provides education in the use of highly effective body-based tools for reducing stress, conflict, and unpleasant emotions.


 Personal peace is more easily achieved when one has the tools to efficiently and reliably deal with the unpleasant emotions rising from the many stresses and challenges that life can throw our way. The Kinder Life Foundation’s founder collected and developed a variety of techniques ranging from ancient yogic breathing practices to contemporary bio-energetic practices, resulting in a set of easy-to-learn easy-to-use techniques that allow one to effectively deal with every difficult emotion human beings experience.


The Kinder Life Foundation is spiritually-centered, but Integrated Intervention classes are taught in a secular format so that everyone, with or without spiritual background or interest, can benefit from having a set of highly effective body-based tools they can use anytime to reliably improve their quality of life.


If you are interested in exploring your spiritual nature, we offer a free weekly guided meditation, which you may attend in person or remotely, that takes you deeply inside your permanent being.

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